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Vancouver based film score composer Alvand Jalali is a creative musical talent, transforming stories into diverse forms of music. Professionally trained by world class muscial legends in Vienna, practicing song writing and music theory combined with deep knowledge in music psychology gives him the advantage to influence listeners to a deep extend.

Alvand has started his professional career by releasing successful and award winning solo projects for several music competitions. Taking a unique approach to song writing, he creates fusion musical pieces through integrating electronic music sounds with traditional orchestral arrangements inspired by different cultures.

Film score composing is Alvand’s main expertise among writing music for singers, and animations. Relying on his knowledge in music therapy and music psychology, his melodies evokes listener’s curiosity to step into the story and guide them to imagine and discover the message.

Aiming to highlight important messages of the current time, Alvand mainly works on scripts that contain unheard and underrepresented voices and messages. He takes a step further into the story—becomes a part of it and finds a special angle to narrate the emotional and the unique aspects of the story through his musical pieces.

Winner of two prestigious awards at the 2021 LEO Awards for the best musical score and best sound design for the animation “ Eternal Igloo” he successfully embodied the mood of the story and crafted a highly effective piece of music. His Music for the recent movie called “Corona” in 2020 gained international attention and was also nominated for several awards world-wide.

Writing music to influence social change, Alvand’s score written for movie “Child bride” stands out firmly for its strong spiritual side which story-tells a complex social issue and was nominated for the 2020 IIFC Award and the 2019 Cannes festival for the best score. Demonstrating a wide variety of styles, Alvand’s piece “The Red Apple of the Sun” won the third place at one the most prestigious international song composing competition Concorso 2 Agosto in 2015 and attracted lots of attention mainly because of his unique touch of emotion which was felt throughout the music.

His creative skills don’t limit to music world and could be seen in some of his award winning and touching animations such as “The Heart Bigger than the World” commissioned by UNESCO which won the best impactful animation in 2015.

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